Making Tomorrow's Leaders

Like our parent service, the Royal Air Force, the ATC has a rank structure that operates at both cadet and adult levels. As a cadet, you may be asked to take responsibility for yourself and other cadets as a corporal. Initially this may mean a small team and a single task, but eventually you may be asked to take greater responsibility and promoted to higher ranks. Whether you are promoted or not we offer leadership and personal development training to help you grow and make the most of your experiences and talents.

What did you do last weekend?

Did you learn to fly an aeroplane, go solo in a glider or join your friends on an expedition in some of the most exciting scenery you might have ever seen? Unless you are already an Air Cadet the chances are that the answer to the question is not one of the above.
As well as learning how aircraft fly and why they stay in the air you will have the opportunity to fly in military aircraft and even take control yourself on a short air experience flight. If the great outdoors is more your thing there is the opportunity to take part in Adventure Training and Fieldcraft where you will learn the skills to enable you to stay safe and enjoy life outdoors.

Air Cadets in Guernsey

Guernsey is a unique island with a huge number of opportunities to deliver the Air Cadet experience. So, if you are aged 13 or above, why not consider joining? The Air Cadets not only provides you with the opportunity to try something new or experience a sense of adventure but also gives you the skills for later life. Along the way you will have the chance to gain recognised qualifications and essential life skills, like learning to work in a team. If you are interested in finding out more about what we have to offer why not browse these pages and then contact us for further information.