Basic Training

As new recruits to the unit, prospective cadets will undertake a period of basic training, similar to that of our parent service, the RAF.  However, the training is not physically demanding or very hard.  In the first few weeks you will undertake a basic induction into the unit.  You will get to know who is who, the structure of the organisation, be measured for a uniform, tought how to wear it along with some basic drill movements.  We will explain some basic rules and regulations and help you fit in and get to know your fellow cadets.  This is all good preperation for helping you get the most out of your cadet career and the potential opportunities that may be available once you ‘pass out’.  You can rest assured that all cadets undertake a similar process so you will find help along the way should you need it. 

At the end of this short process, about 6 weeks in all, you will have learnt all you need to know that will enable you to be presented with you enrollment certificate.  This parade that will see in you and the other cadets in the recruit flight in your new uniforms to be officially enrolled as a member of Guernsey Air Cadets.  Things will progress once you have completed this training.  Depending on what  you want to do and how much time and committment you are able to give, it should be just the start of a good few years of achievement and enjoyment!

We hold intakes for new joiners a few times each year.  Once you are 13 you shouldn’t have to wait too long before you can join us.