Flying and Gliding

Get airborne

Flying is what sets us apart from other youth organisations.  Your first flight in an RAF aircraft will be an experience you will never forget as a cadet.  You’ll have many opportunities to take to the skies and which typically might include:

Air Experience Flights – Feel the thrill of powered flight, with a fully qualified pilot to guide you through taking control of the aircraft yourself.  Not only have the opportunity to put into practice what you have learnt about flying controls but you’ll be able to tailor the experience to you and if your able – aerobatics will be possible.

Gliding – Soar to success! There are fantastic opportunities to glide while you are a cadet, with the ultimate goal being a solo flight. Training is in three stages: a Gliding Induction Course (GIC), Gliding Scholarship (GS) and Advanced Gliding Training (AGT).   Learn to fly before you can drive!

Air Cadet Pilot Scheme – The pinnacle of flying as a cadet, for advanced handling. Complete this successfully and you’ll be awarded your cadet pilot wings. And if you do exceptionally well you could be recommended for further training which will help towards your Private Pilot’s Licence!

Air Cadet Pilot Navigation Training Scheme – A great opportunity to use your navigation skills, this two-week course where you fly for up to eight hours is open to selected cadets. Success will lead to you gaining your ‘wings’.