Shooting is one of the most popular activities in the Air Cadets.  It is taught in a progressive way under close supervision by qualified adult staff.  This obviously helps ensure we run the activity safely and under strict control.  As a sporting discipline, we aim (!) to teach you to be accurate and improve your marksmanship skills. 

Initially you might be trained on a .22 rifle or .177 air rifle.  Once you have passed a Weapons Handling Test (WHT) you will be ready for your first visit to the range.  Very quickly you will be able to improve the control of your shooting, for example by breathing in a certain way.  It will not be long before Squadron, Wing, Region or maybe even Corps marksmanship awards will be within reach. 

If you’re a first class shot the opportunity for full bore shooting on the Cadet L98 A2 rifle is the next step.  We are lucky to have access to an outdoor range on the island where you could undertake shooting practices.  This activity might also be available on visits to UK Camps or RAF Stations. 

 The Cadet Leadership Course at Frimley Park and the Junior Leaders Course offered by the Air Cadet Organisation both take weapon handling skills learnt on the L98  A2 to a more advanced stage and involve teaching military skills and tactics to advance leadership ability.  They are amongst some of the best courses for young cadets to aspire to.